EMSTEEL a professional production company, which supplies high- quality steel structures, equipment handling and port . Wide Production facilities have highly developed and know-how , so in one week to ensure ARE Projects in fast across Europe. 


We build structures comply with applicable standards and certifications . Our products are of high quality and safety standards , in addition we have an experienced and qualified staff , who has had many years of experience in the production of steel structures for the Polish market and abroad.


We use the best quality steel. We have over 5000m2 of floor space. Ecological provide corrosion protection. In addition, we select paint systems for okrętnictwa, metal structures, energy and petrochemical industries. We provide full documentation of the finished structures.

Our offer also includes steel construction according to the requirements of our customers. Production takes place in selected workshops welding, machining and painting which ensure that the high quality requirements of our customers, and futures.



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